Friday, October 16, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Polls Are A Big Ball of Biden Cope

Today's Friday. Time to have a chuckle going into the weekend. First, here's Razorfist reminding you that the polls pushing Biden are bullshit.

The Supreme Dark Lord concurs and expands on this here.

And then there's Stonetoss, who captures in panels what otherwise takes one or more articles to get across.

Context is here, and it just amplifies the burn.

As Wictor says, be happy warriors. The God-Emperor isn't perfect, but he's ours and he deserves--and will--win. They know, so be sure to vote to stick to the folks that hate you, want you dead, want to rape your kids, and think its funny so Trump can finish the job. Empire is falling, and the freakouts on Trump are all the proof you need that he's for us.

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