Sunday, October 4, 2020

Narrative Warfare: On Monopoly Of Organization

Taken from Twitter, today.

There's not much to unpack here if you proper comprehend what "monopoly" and "organization" mean in terms of definition. The Death Cult pursues a policy of covergence because it wants to guarantee that you have no escape from their dogma and the propaganda it uses to gaslight and brainwash you into believing their narrative, embracing their culture, and thus supporting their politics.

When I say "monopoly", I mean it. You have no ability to engage in anything that the Thralls of Empire do not control when they are dominant. They run all workplaces. They run all social organizations. They even run your families, such as they are. Your hobbies--those they allow at all--are theirs to control. Not one book, one film, one game, one thing you can do outside, nothing at all is outside their control.

This why you see SJW bullshit, by whatever brand they're pushing, in every little thing however small or petty it seems. Critical Race Theory, Reparations, Social Justice: all brands pushed by the Thralls of Empire and their Death Cult.

And that is why they freak out whenever they detect any organization they don't control, freak out when it successfully resists its convergence (however partial or short-lived), and freak out when you build alternatives that they can't touch- up to, and including, lethal force (usually by proxy via the state).

Empire must have this, and ruthlessly maintain it, to succeed. It is that fragile.

That is why Empire is falling.

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